Further Application Areas

Further application areas of plastic parts made from fibre-reinforced composites
Applications at the limits of conventional materials

Fibre-reinforced composites can often meet the specific requirements of components which are at the performance limits of conventional materials (such as aluminium, steel or wood). This results in improved performance and quality, cost minimisation and therefore greater economic advantages of the products. The wide range of options and combinations of materials (resin, fibres) enables the development of customised product features to match the specification.

Limitless applications
If there are limits, these are usually due to the power of imagination of the product developer or perhaps to limited knowledge of the possible applications of fibre composites.

How can the customer benefit?
The clients product requirements form the basis for the development and manufacture of customised FRP moulded parts. Creative engineering combined with efficient manufacturing processes guarantee technically and economically optimised solutions. It is of benefit when the customer and supplier start working as a team immediately an idea has emerged.

The challenges faced by our customers are what matter most to us!
Our motto is "We begin where conventional materials have long given up".