About us

Compotech deals with the development and production of fiber reinforced plastic parts in Weinfelden (Switzerland) and Nyíregyháza (Hungary). The company is an international supplier of fiber reinforced plastic parts. The products made in our plants are installed across Europe in the transport industry, equipment and machine manufacturing industries, medical technology and the healthcare sector.

Fiber reinforced plastics ahead of traditional base products

Mostly glass fiber reinforced plastic composites often meet or prevent the mechanical properties of conventional materials (e.g. steel, aluminum, etc.) for special requirements. Stability, weight, design options, fire resistance. In addition to these parameters, we can expect products with higher levels of quality and cost reduction to achieve economic efficiency.

Over 50 years of manufacturing experience

Our manufacturing capabilities are SMC, Sheet Molding Compound - Weinfelden; RTM, Resin Transfer Molding - Nyíregyháza; Hand laminating - Nyíregyháza. Our manufacturing technologies are successful in our engineering expertise and project management experience. This comprehensive service enables our partners to provide professional support for fiber reinforced plastics from the first contact to the end of the project.