SMC - Sheet Moulding Compound

The pre-preg  is the raw material of that process which contains all the components needed to mold the final part (resin, reinforcement, filler, catalyst, low Profile additives, etc.) 

Sheet molding compound(SMC) is a combination of chopped glass/carbon strands and filled Resin in the form of a sheet.
SMC pre-preg is made from chopped glass/carbon strands sandwiched between two layers of film, into which the resin paste has already been applied. 
The pre-preg passes through a compaction system, that fact ensures complete strand impregnation before being wound into rolls. 

After pre-cutting the prepreg coil, the cut material is cut into the lower half of the metal tool. The upper half of the tool is placed on the press of the press, and the operation is performed according to the compressive force set on the press.

Advantage of technology:

  • Have smooth surface,

  • Endless colour usability,

  • High-strength,

  • Excellent insulating performance,

  • Anti-corrosion,

  • High production efficiency with high number of pieces.